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Sales Information

Timeshare is an investment in future holidays.

Conventional Timeshare is a holiday concept tailored specifically to suit you — the holidaymaker who is increasingly concerned about the constant rising cost of taking your family on their annual holiday.

By purchasing a timeshare unit now, you’ll be buying your future holidays at today’s prices.

The cost of hotel accommodation will continue to rise in the years ahead and so will the will the value of your timeshare provided the Resort you purchase is well maintained year after year and the destination remains in demand.

Think of timeshare as a lifestyle purchase, not an investment.

In addition, the system is convenient and flexible. You can rent your week(s), sell, exchange and/or bequeath them to your heirs.

Beat inflation, your worries over rising holiday costs can be forgotten.

Timesharing is the modern way to own and enjoy your own shared holiday unit without the cost and inconvenience of maintaining it yourself while it stands idle for most of the year.

Major Benefits of owning a timeshare:

  • Your future holidays will be assured. Taking a holiday is vital to your health and well-being.
  • You need never worry about hotel reservations again.
  • Upkeep, security and maintenance are all part of the deal.
  • It saves you money. Pay a once off purchase price, thereafter your only ongoing expense is an annual levy which covers the running costs and maintenance of the Resort.
  • It’s flexible, you are not tied down to use your own week, year in year out, since your week may be exchanged for another, in the same season classification subject to availability through exchange companies. Your ownership will enable you to become part of RCI and enjoy more flexibility and variety. By spacebanking your holiday ownership you will receive trading points that you can use to exchange for different resort(s) both locally and internationally.
  • If you are unable to take up your week or exchange it, we can endeavor to rent it out for you. We rent out in excess of 1200 weeks per annum. The demand for holiday rentals in sought after Resorts and popular times of year is an increasing market trend.

Here are some factors one should take into consideration when evaluating a Timeshare purchase:

  1. Purchase in a Resort that you can see yourself holidaying at each year and at a time that is most suitable for you and your family. Whilst timeshare is flexible, you don’t want to solely rely on the exchange company having the availability in the time you require or at the Resort that you want to go to.
  2. Be sure the Resort you want to purchase in is well managed by a reputable management company. This will ensure your timeshare is maintained to a standard you will enjoy year after year.
  3. Understand that timeshare is a long-term commitment, the longer you own a timeshare the more money it will save you making it financially logical. Whilst there is no guarantee of capital gain, much like any property the value at the time of resale will be determined by the supply and demand of the property and the unit and week you own.